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EcoOutfitters Co-founder & President Raina Russo to Run for SEIA Board of Directors

EcoOutfitters co-founder and president Raina Russo is running for one of the five Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) Board of Director seats. Voting, which is open to all SEIA members, began today and will close on November 22.

In her candidate statement (download now or read her full speech), Ms. Russo explains how she has spent her entire life in service to the solar industry.

“I grew up in Israel in a very eco-conscious environment, one in which solar hot water and conservation are the norm. I worked as a project engineer for Skanska USA for eight years and was proud to be part of a company that was nominated the top green contractor in the US.

Over the last three years, I have built a company around the philosophy of making solar easy to obtain for everyday consumers. At EcoOutfitters.net, we provide consumers with the necessary information to make informed and empowered decisions around the costs, benefits, incentives and environmental impact of renewable energy solutions. It is my mission to find innovative ways to connect with the general public and spread the solar word. I believe that if we continue to speak solar in an informed and creative way we will succeed in breaking through to the mainstream and help speed the inevitable process so the world can benefit from solar energy sooner rather than later.”

Raina and her family also recently made the switch to solar. “As a firm believer in leading by example, my family is a proud owner of a 10.4 kW solar PV array, which we had installed six months ago, and are thrilled to be living a solar life both at work and at home,” she explains.

Education and public advocacy through social media interaction is a large part of Raina’s daily routine. Under Raina’s direction, the EcoOutfitters team has built a comprehensive customized report using current data for consumers to see their individual benefits of going solar from a financial and environmental perspective. “The philosophy is that if a solar-curious consumer is equipped with the proper tools and a good reference point in a very clear, comprehensive manner, then he/she will be more driven to make an informed decision and take the ‘solar step.’”

EcoOutfitters is also in the very early stages of a orchestrating a solar community project on Long Island, NY, installing a 40kW solar array on a community beach club facility, cutting the electricity bills down to zero and using the savings to build an echo-friendly playground. Says Raina, “This will serve as a showcase of solar in all its glory and hopefully act as an example for other communities and homeowners alike.”

In between her daily solar efforts building EcoOutfitters.net, you’ll most often find Raina maintaining a strong social networking presence on Twitter and Facebook. “I appreciate and understand the importance of connecting and interacting with the solar industry as well as with consumers on a daily basis.” She explains that, if elected the SEIA Board of Directors, she plans to leverage  the organization’s valuable access to the current solar state of affairs and gain a better understanding of SEIA’s priorities and goals. “In turn, this will empower me to share the message about solar’s benefits to an even greater audience.”

SEIA members: Please cast your vote for Raina Russo and/or register now to participate in the webinar introducing the candidates and hearing their thoughts on the solar industry this coming Tuesday, 11/15, 3:00-4:00 p.m. ET.

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  1. Jim Jenal says:

    Raina would bring a fresh perspective and unbounded energy to the SEIA Board – she has my support and my vote!

    Best of luck to us both!

    Jim Jenal, Founder & CEO, Run on Sun