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Help Persuade Congress to Take Action on the Climate Crisis

climate change fossil fuels legislationExtreme weather events are piling up one upon another. Although droughts, floods, and storms have always occurred, you don’t need to turn on the news to see that they are growing more frequent and ferocious than ever before. We need to begin to curb our carbon emissions, and the Save Our Climate Act (HR3242) will do it.

Time is running out! The International Energy Agency warned late last year that we have only five years to start reducing greenhouse gas emissions before the world’s economies will have locked themselves into an insecure, inefficient and high-carbon energy system. As a result, the effects of the climate crisis may spiral out of control.

The Save Our Climate Act does exactly what the Citizens Climate Lobby has been asking for. It uses a market approach, not regulations, to ease the transition of our economy from fossil-fuel dependence to a clean-energy base. It places a gradually rising fee on the carbon that enters our economy in fuels and rebates the proceeds directly to all citizens.

Legislation to price carbon emissions has been introduced to the current Congress with the Save Our Climate Act of 2011, H.R. 3242. This bill efficiently taxes carbon-based fuels at the first point of sale and returns the majority share of revenues to the public. As a result, not only will the environment and climate greatly benefit, but the economy will as well — to a tremendous extent.

The Carbon Tax Center estimates such a tax will reduce U.S. emissions 25% by the year 2020. This will be accomplished by erasing fossil fuels’ artificial price advantage over energy efficiency and low-carbon fuels. And by returning 80% of the revenue to the public on an equal, per-household basis (with the remaining 20% used for debt reduction), H.R. 3242 will shield households from the economic impact of rising energy costs associated with the carbon tax while retaining the economic incentives that will drive producers and consumers away from coal, oil, and gas. The clear price signal provided by the tax will move massive amounts of investment toward clean-energy technology and energy efficiency, stimulating the creation of new jobs.

The Citizens Climate Lobby is now offering a solution to this crisis and with your help we can put this bill into effect before it’s too late. Please support the Save Our Climate Act H.R. 3242, which is currently in committee in the House of Representatives by voicing your support at PopVox (here)

Or, send an email with the following information to Dr. Ellie Whitney, a volunteer for the Citizen Climate Lobby – ewhitney@comcast.net:

“Please add my name to the letter of support for the Save Our Climate Act, HR3242.”
~ Your full name, credentials, location, and contact information

For more information, visit the Citizens Climate Lobby website.


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