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Hurricane Irene from Atlantic Beach, NY – Photos

Devestation from Irene

Irene has left her mark
We lost 25′ of beach :(
Sad – Beach Erosion
Beautiful Sunset as Irene Departs – Goodnight Irene, Goodnight!
Roaring Ocean in Atlantic Beach a few hrs after storm past
Beach Bench at Putnam Blvd
Water coming up on deck (5′ above mean high tide mark)
Water rising over decks on Bayside Drive CanalFloating docks looked like they were flying
Ramp to floating dock going UP, not down!
Tide reached the edge of the bulkhead
Sand bags and boards didn’t stop Irene
Life guard chair dow at The Plaza
Bay Blvd – lots of branches down and few trees
Putnam enterance to the beach – surf made it up to top of Village shed
This is what high tide is supposed to look like!
Reynolds Channel Eye of the Storm
Water elevation rising over decks in Atlantic Beach
Floating dock rising over backyard elevation
Ralph’s Ices in Long Beach boarded up and sand bagged
Hello Irene!
Atlantic Beach Jetty at high tide on Saturday
Beach erosion in Long Beach, New York
Long Beach at 6 p.m.
Long Beach at high tide


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  1. Dawn says:

    Amazing, Raina. Thank you so much for sharing these.