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Proving to Penn & Teller That Solar Energy Is Magical

With the technology and efficiency of solar PV systems constantly evolving, the benefits of going solar continue to expand at a speedy rate. Every year systems become more affordable, save greater amounts of energy, and are easier and quicker to install in our homes. They also have the ability to help you become independent from your local utility providers, never having to pay another electric bill again. With so many benefits, solar almost seems … magical!

It is no wonder then why the award-winning Las Vegas magicians Penn & Teller are considering a move to solar. Known for their eccentric  tricks and unique performance style, Penn & Teller have defied labels for 35 years by “redefining the genre of magic and inventing their own very distinct niche in comedy.” Always able to stay innovative and exciting, this miraculous duo has kept millions of audience members on the edge of their seats and begging for more for decades.

Once again Penn & Teller may be ready for more change, according to some recent Tweets. See for yourself:

Penn & Teller considering solar energy

So, of course, we had to step in. Our goal is to provide solar-curious consumers, like these magic men, with free, comprehensive resources about the benefits of solar so that they may each make an informed decision on whether a solar PV or solar thermal installation is right for them.

EcoOutfitters engages Penn & Teller about solar power
We’ve got an email chain with Penn going (an entertaining one, at that — trust us!), so with the help of our friends at the Solar Energy Industries Association, we’re on the solar job, rest assured!

With all of their exciting and shocking tricks, this will keep many wondering if Penn & Teller will again create a new act and make their energy bills disappear! (Cue up the suspenseful music….)

We’ll keep you posted!

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