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Solar Energy Takes Spotlight at Summer Olympics in London

Olympic Park at Stratford solar energyWe all know that solar energy is hot (yes, pun intended). But when it even takes the spotlight at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, it’s even hotter! Did you hear that the Olympic Park at Stratford is aiming to reduce its carbon footprint by 50 percent with the London 2012 Energy Centre, a solar-powered Olympic pavillion, and a solar PV installation on the Main Press Centre, along with other sustainability measures?!

The Energy Centre includes a three megawatt biomass boiler, which helps to make the facility about 30 percent more efficient than a building that uses traditional heating and power generating technology. And, the solar panels on the Main Press Centre will later be moved to the roof of an adjacent parking garage, feeding clean, renewable solar energy into the city’s grid. Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) Chief Executive Dennis Hone told London24.com that the sustainability measures at Olympic Park are “a showcase of innovation and careful planning.”

At the same time, the ODA also announced that it is providing funding for a major retrofit energy project for London schools in Newham.

Solar Gains Momentum Across the World

We recently blogged about solar initiatives by major retailers here in the U.S. and abroad, including Wal-mart, Kohl’s, CVS and Ikea amongst some household-name companies that use solar power for at least a portion of their corporations’ energy needs.

Here at EcoOutfitters, we often mention that you can start small with solar; you don’t need to cover your whole roof in solar PV panels to see a fast return on your investment. But these organizations are all proving that solar is 100 percent scalable. Big or small, whether you’re supplying power for a cozy family of four or for millions of athletes, locals, and tourists, solar is a viable solution.

Since the Olympics is one of the world’s most publicized events, we can hope that these high-profile renewable energy initiatives in Olympic Park, along with those here at home, will help open even more homeowners’ eyes to the benefits of a solar PV installation. To us, this is good news of “Olympic proportions!”

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