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#SolarChat 11/16/11: Community Solar Projects

Join @EcoOutfitters for #SolarChat on Twitter on Wednesday, November 16th from 2-3 p.m. ET for a discussion about community solar projects. We will be joined by Peter Olmstead of The Vote Solar Initiative, Billy Parish, co-founder of Solar Mosaic, and Joy Hughes, the founder and CEO of Solar Panel Hosting LLC.

The Vote Solar Initiative is a grassroots non-profit organization working to combat environmental issues and foster economic development by bringing solar energy into the mainstream across the U.S.  Since 2002, Vote Solar has been working at the local, state and federal levels to remove regulatory barriers and implement key policies that will help bring solar to scale.

Solar Mosaic connects people who want to go solar with the buildings that have the ideal roofs and space to go solar. Mosaics are works of art where many pieces come together to form a whole. With Solar Mosaics, many people come together to build community solar projects. Sign up now for Solar Mosaic’s Community Solar Day, to be held on November 20th.

Solar Panel Hosting LLC assists developers and community leaders to establish and manage subscription-based community solar gardens everywhere.

These representatives will lend their background and expertise of community solar projects, many of which are continuing to pop up all all over the country.


Peter Olmsted (@votesolar) is Vote Solar’s lead for the mid-Atlantic as well as lead for its community solar initiative.  Prior to Vote Solar, Peter was policy staff for the Delaware State Senate Energy and Transit Committee.  In addition to his solar policy work in the mid-Atlantic, since joining Vote Solar Peter has been engaged with communities around the country on the development and implementation of community solar programs.  Peter holds a master’s of energy and environmental policy from the University of Delaware.

Billy Parish (@solarmosaic) co-founded and grew the Energy Action Coalition into the largest youth organization in the world focused on clean energy and climate solutions. Elected in 2007 as the youngest U.S. Ashoka Fellow, Billy has launched dozens of youth, climate and green jobs initiatives.

Joy Hughes (@solargardens) is founder and CEO of Solar Panel Hosting LLC. She also runs the educational website solargardens.org, dedicated to making affordable solar power available to all humanity. Joy lives off the grid at 8000 feet elevation in Colorado’s San Luis Valley.
Moderated by solar champion Raina Brett Russo (@EcoOutfitters), president and co-founder of EcoOutfitters.net, #SolarChat welcomes solar and renewable industry experts and consumers who are “solar curious” to discuss relevant issues like solar energy, solar PV, solar hot water, solar pool heating, and related subjects.

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For those new to Twitter, a hashtag (#) is an easy way to find and follow people who are tweeting about a certain topic. #SolarChat has a simple mission: Curious consumers, energy experts, and installation professionals can tune into Twitter at the designated chat time to share advice and resources, weigh in on discussion topics, pose questions or concerns, and work together to advance solar awareness.

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