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4.9.14 – Marketing Solar to Women Survey Update

Women4Solar LIProgram starts at 11am PST/2pm EST.

BREAKING! Now Available: “Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women” Full Results!

Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women,” the solar industry’s ground breaking and first ever survey directed at American female homeowners and moms, was recognized as one of the 10 Trends That Shaped the Solar News In 2013.

Women from 36 states answered the call to submit their opinions in the solar industry’s first ever women consumer oriented marketing survey.  A cadre of solar industry professionals, prominent mom bloggers including Bookieboo.com and TheBloggerConnection.com, and leading brand marketers worked together via social media to promote, “Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women,” a survey reaching out to American women homeowners and moms to understand their communication preferences related to solar.

Created by Raina Russo, #SolarChat founder recognized by The Energy Collective as one of solar energy’s top 10 women, and Glenna Wiseman, a solar marketing professional and recognized author in the industry, the survey as representative of the immense potential resident in the solar industry’s marketing efforts to women has birthed an Identity3 and #SolarChat initiative called Women4Solar, now on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+.

Survey Framework
According to leading marketing to women expert, Marti Barletta, 80 percent of women initiate home improvement projects. They are the CPOs or Chief Purchasing Officers, of the home. They control the family budgets and make or participate in the decision to go solar in over 90% of American homes. Women are the driving force behind the solar decision, and according to our research, women do not feel the solar industry is reaching out to them in techniques they will respond to or are speaking their language.

The survey follows the 5 Stages of Buying outlined by Marti Barletta.  These stages have been reported to the solar industry via Solar Power World Magazine

Intense Industry Media Attention
Initial results of the survey have been featured at Solar Power International and in numerous publications including CleanTechnica and PV Solar Reports.

Popular #SolarChat Topic
#SolarChat Recap 11/13/13: Marketing Solar to Women generated six million impressions during this initial #SolarChat   session event.  It drew 177 contributors into the #SolarChat Twitter “room” and topped the Twitter charts nationwide  for a good part of the day.

Cited in The Solar Foundation 2013 National Solar Jobs Report
This survey was cited (page 21) in the “National Solar Jobs Census 2013 ” published January 2014 by The Solar Foundation® in concert with The George Washington University Solar Institute and the BW Research Partnership.   The report stated, “A recent #Women4Solar survey found that women represent the largest block of residential solar purchasing decision makers, suggesting that women are not only paying attention to industry trends but are driving adoption rates.”

Expert Panelists
Marti Barletta TrendSightMarti Barletta, Founder, The TrendSight @martibarletta
Marti Barletta shows companies how to get more customers and make more money per customer – simply by getting smarter about today’s mightiest market – women. As the author of Marketing to Women and PrimeTime Women, and co-author with Tom Peters of Trends, Barletta has been quoted on CBS, ABC, MSNBC and NPR, as well as in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, TIME, Business Week and many other publications worldwide. A popular speaker, Marti has enjoyed rave reviews from audiences around the world who love her practical tactics, sense of humor and memorable stories.

Andrea_Luecke_Headshot2_ThumbnailAndrea Luecke,  Executive Director, The Solar Foundation @SolarAnde
Andrea Luecke leads The Solar Foundation and is responsible for developing and implementing strategic research and educational initiatives that increase global understanding of solar energy. Ms. Luecke plays an instrumental role in authoring and producing the highly-acclaimed National Solar Jobs Census series. As a subject matter expert, Ms. Luecke is regularly asked to present on the economic impacts of solar as well as “best practice” approaches to increasing widespread solar adoption.

Leah Segedie of MamavationLeah Segedie, Founder, Bookieboo LLC @Bookieboo

Leah Segedie is the founder of Bookieboo LLC, the largest health and fitness-inspired blogger network and consulting firm. Leah was named Cision Media’s Top 10 Most Influential Mom Bloggers and maintains a network of just under 10,000 bloggers comprised of mostly moms who have interests in health, parenting, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, wellness, and frugal living themes. Ms. Segedie is also the creator of ShiftCon, the first eco-wellness social media conference, launching October 2014.


Glenna WisemanGlenna Wiseman, Founder, Identity3, Co-Founder, Women4Solar @GlennaWiseman
Glenna Wiseman is the founder of Identity3, a marketing services company leveraging the unique marketplace identity of solar, renewable energy and green economy companies to fuel their growth. Wiseman is a 6+ year solar industry marketing professional and recognized author within the industry.  Her work initiated the discussion of marketing solar to women within the industry in September 2013 via Solar Power World Magazine’s article What Women Really Want from a Solar Sale. Alongside Raina Russo, founder of #SolarChat, Wiseman co-led the “Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women” survey which has now birthed Women4Solar.

Krystal Glass, NWBCKrystal Glass, Director of Communications, National Women’s Business Council @NWBC
Krystal Glass serves as the Director of Communications for The National Women’s Business Council (NWBC). In her role she oversees council-member engagement and develops strategic communication tactics to amplify NWBC research and economic issues of importance to women business owners.



Supporting Organization
Women4Solar (@Women4Solar) is a proprietary solar community led by women, created to foster female friendly solar marketing communications, education and connections to speed the adoption of solar in America as well as empowering women within the solar industry. Women4Solar birthed the first-ever national solar survey to target American moms and female homeowner “Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women” and holds an active and empowering community on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

Raina Russo #SolarChatRaina Russo, Founder, #SolarChat, Co-Founder Women4Solar @RainaRusso
Voted one of the top 10 women in solar by The Energy Collective , Raina Russo is the founder of #SolarChat, “the industry’s think tank” and largest online community. She commands a vital industry following and is well-known for her social media hubs elsewhere as well, including on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. A construction engineer by trade, Russo got involved with the solar industry when she installed solar on her own home. As founder of #SolarChat, Russo was featured in the January 8 2014 PV Solar Reports and Women in Cleantech and Sustainability article, “#SolarChat: Serious Solar Networking at Your Fingertips. ” Russo began #SolarChat in 2011 and has facilitated over 45 Twitter sessions focused on solar.

Featured Journalists
Rosana Francescato of Sunible and PV Solar ReportsRosana Francescato, Sunible.com and PV Solar Report, @SolarRosana
Rosana Francescato is the Communications Director for Sunible.com and manages the content for PV Solar Report. She also combines her passions for solar power and community as a community solar advocate. Rosana is on the board of Women and Cleantech and Sustainability and the steering committee of the Local Clean Energy Alliance. She has hands-on experience installing solar with GRID Alternatives, where she’s been the top individual fundraiser four years in a row.


#SolarChat Preparation

Our April 9th @#SolarChat will once again shine a spotlight on this important topic. JOIN US:

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