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SolarCity to Bring Solar Panels to the Homes of More Than 120,00 Military Personnel

Congratulations are in order for SolarCity and for military personnel who will make the decision to utilize the power of the sun over the next five year. The San Mateo, Calif. company just announced that $350 million in loans will be earmarked by Bank of America Merrill Lynch to put solar electric roof panels on 120,000 homes of military personnel over the next five years.

This program will result in roughly doubling the number of homes with solar panels, according to the New York Times article, “SolarCity Wins Financing for Military Housing Plan.” Lyndon Rive, the company’s chief executive, told the New York Times that SolarCity will install, operate, and own the solar systems. “Customers will pay the company for the electricity they use, with any unused power feeding back to the military bases.”

Read more about it here.


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For Raina Brett Russo, taking care of the environment is a necessity, not an option. Having grown up in Israel, a place where conservation is required and solar hot water heating is the norm, Raina knows the importance of solar energy. Through her work with the EcoOutfitters.net team, Raina found a way to help grow the solar industry in a significant way. As the founder and host of #SolarChat, a bi-monthly "gathering" on Twitter, Raina and her team have created an engaged solar think-tank community that comes together regularly for collaboration and networking with the ultimate goal in mind of spreading the solar message.

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