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The Miracle of Solar Power

Stock PhotoThe holiday season is upon us and Chanukah, the “Festival of Lights,” begins tonight and lasts eight days, until December 24. For those who don’t know, a little background on the holiday…

When the Greeks attacked the Jews, one of the many injustices they exacted was to steal the Menorah, the sacred lamp that stood before the altar in the Temple. The Jews kept the lamp burning continuously with a special holy oil, but the Greeks extinguished the flame.

The war lasted two long years until Judah of Maccabee sucessfully and strategically drove the Greeks out of Jerusalem. In celebration, the Jews re-lit the Menorah. They feared they only had enough sacred oil to last one day, but the lamp burned bright for eight full days (giving us our eight days of Chanukah).

Today’s Oil is Not Eternal
Those of us in the solar industry know that it’s unlikely another miracle will be bestowed upon our planet. The oil we use to run our power plants and heat our homes will not last forever, or even eight times longer than it should. Like the Jews led by Judah of Maccabee, we must have a plan and take positive action in order to be victorious in our fight for clean, renewable energy sources.

Part of that answer is found in solar energy. Because, like the holy oil that kept the Menorah flame burning so bright so many years ago, solar energy simply won’t run out. (If it does, we’ve all got bigger problems and no one will be reading this blog.) The sun’s rays will give us clean electrical power for many, many Chanukahs and Christmases ahead. With the sun at our command, we will never have to sit in darkness as the Jews of long ago had feared.

Solar: Still the Underdog, but Growing
Another lesson we can take away from the story of Chanukah is how the Jews — the outnumbered, over-powered underdog — came out ahead by playing it smart. With the Greeks locked down in Jerusalem, the Jews waited  for the Greeks to run out of food, water and supplies, then they attacked.

The solar industry, while it is growing every day, is still the underdog in the world of electrical power. The utility companies rule. But we don’t have to wait — we can’t wait! — for their supplies (that is oil, coal and other fossil fuels) to run out before we take action. Through solar advocacy, spreading the word in every way we can, and, most importantly, leading by example and installing solar panels in our own homes, we keep the bright flame of renewable energy — a true miracle of light — alive for years to come.

Happy Holidays from the staff of SolarChat.org


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A full-time freelance writer, Dawn frequently covers energy efficiency, green living, and topics like LED lighting and whole home control systems for a number of blogs and technology trade magazines. Dawn is proud to live in New York as the state vies to beat out New Jersey as the East coast top dog of solar energy and is waiting for the Solar Renewable Energy Certificate legislation to pass before installing solar panels on her Long Island home.

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